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Damaged Baggage

Damaged baggage should be reported immediately after the flight to the Lost&Found office in the airport of arrival, but no later than 7 days after arrival. After reporting the damage you should submit your boarding pass, baggage tag, DPR (Damaged Property Report) and application to Primera Air Baggage Service at [email protected]

Primera Air liability is subject to the current legislation and the Montreal Convention, and is thus limited. Therefore, we recommend that you contact your own insurance company and enquire about the possibility of compensation for damaged luggage.

Primera Air provides limited compensation for damage to wheels, handles, support feet and locks. The same applies to any superficial scars, cracks and stains. The packaging must first and foremost protect the contents, and it is therefore inevitable that some slight damage may occur during baggage handling and sorting.

If possible, Primera Air will assist with repair of damaged suitcases. We cooperate with various suitcase companies:

Denmark - Kuffert Kompagniet
Sweden - [email protected]
Norway - Morris
Finland - Please contact a local repair store



Whilst we will make every attempt to ensure that your baggage is handled with care, you should be aware that Primera Air's liability for lost, delayed or damaged baggage is limited.

Like other airlines, Primera Air does not accept liability for fragile or perishable articles, nor for items which are packed in damaged or unsuitable containers. Additionally, we do not accept liability for the loss of jewellery, money or other valuables contained in checked baggage, including video recorders and other electrical/electronical devices, medicine, business documents, personal documents, mobile phones, glasses / sunglasses, watches, keys, musical instruments, sports gear, or prams that are not transported in dedicated protection bags, e.g., from Airshells or similar manufacturers.