Travel Info

Sports Equipment

When traveling with us, you may bring certain types of sporting equipment in addition to your normal checked baggage allowance. Please note that additional charges apply. Please see our Table of Fees for more information.

Sports equipment must be appropriately and securely packed in a travel case designed for that piece of equipment or in packaging as described below.



Primera Air accepts bicycles as checked baggage if:

  • The bicycle is in an appropriate bag or box
  • Air is deflated from the tires
  • Pedals are removed or turned inside
  • Handles are turned parallel to the frame
  • Maximum weight is 25 kg (55lb)


Ski Equipment

Snowboarding/skiing equipment will be accepted and may consist of the following items:

  • One pair of skis, one pair of boots and one pair of poles
  • One snowboard and one pair of boots
  • Maximum 25 kg (55lb)


Other Equipment

We will also accept the following items:

  • Golf bag (maximum 20 kg*)
  • Surfboard (maximum 25 kg (55lb))
  • Wind surfboard (maximum 25 kg (55lb)) 
  • Diving Equipment (maximum 25 kg (55lb))

*Golf bags purchased until 17 October 2017 retain the allowance of max 25 kg (55lb).