DID Providers

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers are virtual phone numbers that permit economical long distance and international calling. One can install comprehensive number of DID extensions, thus extracting maximum benefits for business services.

Businesses with different lines for different departments such as sales, marketing, management etc. now do not need separate lines for each department, but instead get a single line or extension from a DID provider and DID device after examining the number and call information, would connect it to the right department. This helps in cost cutting and increased efficiency.

DID providers have helped in international calling as they can provide you with a local number even if you are stationed at a different locality; this helps your customers call you at local rates while you will be able to connect the call to your own locality.

DID providers in the market you with wide range of DID numbers to help you expand your business voice to far off places, locally and internationally at rapid speed and minimum cost with a comprehensive array of special features along with it. Some of special features are mentioned below:

. Numbers for receiving and making different real time, mobile phone, SIP or Skype calls.

. Wide range of toll free numbers

. Numbers of calls and SMS in any locality

. Local mobile phone numbers for receiving and sending SMS

. Multichannel telephone numbers

. Virtual fax numbers

DID providers may provide additional phone services such as:

. Call Forwarding

. Real time reports

. Call recording

. Call back

. Click to call

. Voicemail

. Blocking list

. Conference calls

. Bulk SMS sending

. VoIP/ SIP calls


How to buy a DID number?

The common procedure for buying a DID number on any DID providers’ site is as such:

  1. Create a personal profile on their website
  2. Recharge your credit/ balance
  3. Order a DID number of your choice
  4. After getting a number, set it up
  5. And start making low cost calls


Highlights of any ideal DID provider:

. Network Infrastructure: complex, solid, robust and strategically placed network promising quality of voice service

. Reliability: contracts and agreements that suit customer needs and ensure reliability and availability

. Routing Services: strict routing ensuring effective and premium quality carriers

. Call Forwarding: public and dedicated services providing flexible and wide range of call forwarding

. Inventory of numbers: wide inventory of numbers for online and immediate activation

. Customer Support: 24/7 support and maintenance global telecommunications network

. Economical pricing: authentic presence and extensive network that may result in low priced DID numbers

DID virtual numbers act as growth engine, by acting as a magnet from attracting new customers while keeping a competitive edge in retaining the old ones. For businesses seeking competitive edge and revenue growth, DID number is the solution.  Contact your DID provider nearby, choose an agreement preferable for your needs and set up today to set up new horizons for generating revenue for your company.

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